How one call with a successful entrepreneur changed the direction of this business

Angela Yoo, Co-Founder of Bubzi Co, is at a crossroads with her business. Her husband started Bubzi Co a year ago selling a selection of baby products on Amazon to the US market.

“My husband is a serial entrepreneur and he saw a gap on Amazon for certain baby products and so he started the business.

“I have a full time corporate marketing job and only started paying attention to his business a couple of months ago, as he was achieving a great turnover with customers across the US, UK, Japan, Italy, and France,” she said.

“I thought rather than selling a small selection of products through Amazon, why not create a proper brand and our own online store aimed at helping first-time millennial mums,” she said.

A new business idea was born.

Growing the business

They’ve had a great start with Amazon, but Angela and her husband want to take the business to the next level.

 “I’ve been thinking more and more about working on the business full-time. So I’ve started reading inspirational content such as Business Chicks and the Collective Hub.

“I came across Irene Falcone’s story and how she bootstrapped everything and grew one of Australia’s most successful e-commerce businesses.

“I was completely blown away by Irene’s story, and so I started stalking her on LinkedIn. Irene suggested that she was available for personalised business advice on Top Expert,” she said.

Advice from a top expert

Irene Falcone is one of Top Expert’s most popular and inspirational entrepreneurs. Irene bootstrapped Nourished Life by selling her house and putting it all on the line. In her first year of business she made $400,000 and five years later achieved a turn over $20 million. In September this year she sold the business to ASX-listed BWX Limited for $20 million.

For Angela the call was a game-changer and complete wake-up call for their business.

“The call was really amazing and so valuable. Irene was very inspiring and really informative. It was like talking to a friend. She was very generous and open with the advice she gave me.”

Before the call, Angela had done a lot of research about Irene and Nourished Life, as she didn’t want to waste time asking questions that were easy to find out online.

“I asked Irene very specific and direct questions as I wanted to get as much out of the 1 hour booking as possible.

“The biggest thing I got out of the call was that she made me question my assumptions about how we could scale the business.

“I had assumed that we’d need to continue to develop our own bespoke products and I was concerned about capital raising and lead times, whereas she gave me lots of ideas of other scaling options such as drop shipping products and retailing other people’s products.

“Her advice really made me rethink our whole growth strategy,” she said.

“Irene was also able to provide me with details on her marketing strategy, particularly in regards to scaling via social media”

What’s next

Angela has already started putting Irene Falcone’s advice into action and is looking for distributers, wholesalers and drop shippers to retail on Bubzi Co.

“I feel like I’m now building the store I’ve always wanted to build – providing for the unique needs of new millennial mums, through a curated baby boutique,” she said.

“Irene’s advice made me realise that a lot of the roadblocks that entrepreneurs face is often in our heads. There is always someone who has been there and done it before and so why waste time guessing or making unnecessary mistakes when you can just call up an expert and get their advice.

“Top Expert has helped me to really open up my mind and contact experts like Irene who can give me practical advice which can be implemented immediately,” she said.

Angela has already booked calls with other experts who can help provide some additional advice and perspectives on how to scale.


If you’d like to book a call with Irene Falcone or any of our other top experts, you can request a call here.

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