How to pitch to the big retailers, with Founder and MD of Madame Flavour, Corinne Noyes

Getting your product stocked on the shelves of a major retailer or provided to the guests of an airline, can skyrocket your business growth.

But in today's increasingly competitive FMCG market, getting the attention of big retailers is harder than ever. We were lucky enough to chat to Corinne Noyes, the founder of cult tea brand Madame Flavour, about her inspirational journey and find out what it really takes to get your business stocked with major retailers.



Spending an hour with Corinne was an inspirational and incredibly informative experience. Corinne is very switched on, down-to-earth and a top notch entrepreneur. I was a fan of Corinne and Madame Flavour before I arrived, and an even bigger one by the time I left. With a 30-year career in FMCG product development and marketing she has a wealth of insight and knowledge about how to build an authentic and unique brand that people love. 

Interview questions

During the interview we asked Corinne questions from our viewers, including: 

1. How she came up with the idea for Madame Flavour, and pitched it to the big retailers

2. How to find out who to talk to within the big retailers or airlines to pitch your product to

3. How to stand out from the hundreds of product pitches they receive each week

4. What information to include in a pitch presentation

5. What product volumes a big retailer expects on a first order

6.  What business owners should know or achieve before approaching a big retailer


Corinne's top 5 tips on pitching to the big retailers - 1 min.

Q&A interview with Corinne - 17 mins.

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