How to reach your first 10K followers, Facebook LIVE chat

With over 119K followers on Instagram alone, not to mention thousands of fans on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube, Jess and Stef Dadon are a social media power duo that know what it takes to build a loyal following.

Their hugely successful How Two Live blog features their quirky, head-turning style and fashionista lifestyle and they have over 119K followers on Instagram alone. They've recently published a book, and have a 26-part YouTube series that follows their jet-setting lifestyle. Last year they gatecrashed New York Fashion Week to launch TWOOBS footwear, with a budget of only $500! 

It's no wonder the girls have thousands of loyal followers. Not only do they have a very unique style and envious lifestyle, but they are social media gurus that are always "on". During our one hour chat they took a selfie, as well as filmed Instagram Stories, saying "hi" to their followers while we were filming Facebook Live. They are very committed to engaging with their followers, as well as being fun and incredibly nice people.

We chatted with Jess and Stef to talk about building an empire, social media marketing and to answer some of our viewers questions.

Our interview questions

1.   Give us a quick update on what you've been doing lately with TWOOBS and How Two Live?

2.  Would you recommend to other entrepreneurs to first start a blog before starting a business?

3.  How do you decide which social media channels your business should be on? Or should you be on all of them sharing the same content?

4.  What are your top 3 tips for getting to your first 10K followers?

5.  Viewer question – Your TWOOBS and How Two Live insta feeds are amazing! Do you have a professional photographer that follows you around? How do you do it?

6.  Same with your YouTube series… did you use a team of professionals or is there a way of doing it on the cheap?

7.  Viewer question - I have a product styling page on instagram that gets lots of likes and comments but I can't seem to get followers. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to get it moving? 

8.  Viewer question - Any good recommendation for a social media management tool? 



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