The beginning of Top Expert

A couple of years ago, my partner and I decided to have a crack at a startup. Super enthusiastic (and super green!), we jumped right in: spending our hard-earned building the website, and investing months into developing plans and strategies.

A long six months later, we launched to champagne corks from family and friends, and then waited for the rush of customers. And then waited some more...  

Stumped as to why our business wasn’t flying, we called a startup expert for advice.  

After a 20-minute phone call, we decided to shut down our business.  Immediately.

This expert didn’t specifically advise us to stop, but as we struggled to answer question after question, the penny dropped. We’d made a big mistake. 

And we know we aren’t the only ones.

The failure rate of small businesses in Australia is big.  More than
60 percent of small businesses that exist today won’t be here in three years.  

We want to change this.

Even though there’s an enormous amount of information online, when it comes to starting, running and growing a business, nothing substitutes great advice from someone who has been there, walked the walk and bought the t-shirt.

Businesses that receive mentoring and advice are 20 percent more likely to experience growth than those that don’t.

When you work in a more corporate environment, you’re surrounded by capable people, given structured processes, goals to achieve and budgets to spend. But owning and running your own business, or working for a small business owner, often involves a lot of learning on the job and pure guesswork

Decision making can be tough, because small businesses don’t have access to a network of industry experts they can easily turn to for advice. It just doesn’t exist.

And that’s where the idea for Top Expert came from. After the outright failure of our first startup and speaking to a ton of other business owners, we knew that having access to some top experts for over-the-phone advice would be a huge help.

When building Top Expert, we were really lucky. We chatted to over 40 expert friends and ex-colleagues for advice.

We bought lots of coffees and picked some clever brains on everything from designing the wireframe, to building the platform, managing IT security, and developing the go-to market strategy.  

We were constantly wishing that Top Expert already existed so we could use it ourselves!

Now that it’s here and we have some total rock stars signed up, we’re definitely going to use it for advice on how to grow and scale our business (and for any other decisions that stump us along the journey!).

We’re incredibly excited about launching Top Expert and hearing all the great stories and ‘aha’ moments from people who’ve got some top advice already. Keep them coming!

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