Top tips for starting a luxury beauty brand

Patricks is THE beauty brand to watch in 2018.

Co-founded and run by husband and wife team, Patrick and Aimee Kidd, the Australian luxury men’s hair and skincare brand is tipped for an epic year.

They’ve recently closed an over-subscribed round of investment, with the business valued at $15 million; and this year they’ll release a men’s skincare range to supplement their award winning and best-selling hair care products. 

Selfridges is the latest retailer to sign the brand, along with their impressive lineup of retailers including Harvey Nichols, Neiman Marcus, David Jones and Harrods.

Aimee and Patrick Kidd are your typical Bondi couple – stylish, outdoorsy, well-connected, and with a healthy dose of ambition. On top of this, they are also incredibly nice. It’s this niceness, and constant aim to please, that has seen them capture the attention and loyalty of fans across the globe, and become one of Australia’s break-out luxury beauty brands.

But all this success, hasn’t come over-night. Aimee and Patrick Kidd have been developing and growing Patricks for over ten years.

Overseeing every detail, with fastidious attention, they’ve developed highly bespoke grooming products from scratch, and as a result, created a unique brand that is truly in a league of it’s own.

We caught up with our top expert, co-founder and CEO Aimee Kidd to share her top three pieces of advice for starting a luxury skincare brand.


1. Don't worry. Keep going

Aimee and Patrick’s business journey hasn’t been a smooth or short one.

It took them seven years to launch their first product, years of prototyping, two failed manufacturing attempts, potential law suits and many missed deadlines.

“Patrick and I are both really similar in that we both have a lot of drive and determination and we see things through.

“It doesn’t get easier over the years, but you learn how to deal with the stress.

“We have a lot of friends who’ve started businesses and they get to a point where it’s just too hard and they give up.

“It is really hard. Patrick travels for 6 months of the year, which means I’m a single mum for six months of the year, as well as being CEO of the company.

“We have put everything into this, and it’s only now, ten years later, that all our hard work is falling into place and we are on the verge of something really big,” Aimee says.


2. Stick to your vision

When it comes to developing a luxury brand, the details really matter. Over the years Aimee and Patrick have had to balance their desire to be nice, with their pursuit of product perfection.

“We worry about other people’s feelings a lot. We are both people pleasers.

“We even have a company motto about being nice. It doesn’t matter who you are speaking to, it’s important to be nice,” Aimee says.

“But, over the years, we’ve realized that if we really want to execute our vision, we have to stick to what we want and be firm in the standards and quality we expect. We can’t worry about making a change for the 50th time, or worry about telling a supplier that the quality isn’t good enough.

“With a luxury product it’s all about the attention to detail.  It took us seven years to develop and launch our first product, because we were obsessed about every single detail. 

“We even did a recording of a Lamborghini door closing, so we could replicate the sound of the click on our packaging,” says Aimee.

“For our body wash that will launch this year, we have gone through twenty different designs, and we are constantly refining and improving.

“I know it will look really cool, and it feels great to be executing our vision by maintaining a high standard of quality,” Aimee says.

3. Be different

Aimee says that one of the biggest mistakes people make is they replicate what already works or produce something that looks the same as everything else.

“Try to do something different. Think outside the box. Don’t just go for what’s easy and what others have done before.

“Doing something different makes the process incredibly challenging, but that’s what is going to get you into the retailers and winning awards. You need to have something different to offer,” Aimee says.

“Everything we do is different. Even if we do a press release, it’s never just a word document. We’ll make it beautifully designed with amazing graphics, so it stands out from the rest.

“It’s the difference and attention to details that matter,” Aimee says.


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