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Catherine Cervasio

$6.67 / min
(Hourly rate $400)

In 1994 I developed Aromababy, the world’s first baby skincare brand combining the use of natural and organic ingredients with neonatal research. The launch of Aromababy created a new category in the Australian retail space. Aromababy is now sold online including with Adore Beauty and in hundreds of stores across Asia Pacific, including Mothercare Asia and Watsons Pharmacy China. Aromababy is also used in select hospitals and resorts. We are the only Australian natural baby skincare brand with registered products in China - essential to sell in retail stores there. I often present at events in relation to accomplishing business in the Asia region. I regularly travel to Hong Kong, Singapore and China providing mother and baby wellness workshops to health professionals and consumers. I have over 20 years experience in product development, exporting and building an award-winning brand. I hold a Diploma in Aromatherapy and am a trained Infant Massage Instructor.

Mona chung

Mona Chung

$5.00 / min
(Hourly rate $300)

++ Bridging the gap between Chinese and Australian businesses ++ I’m a highly experienced, China business guru that specialises in all aspects of doing business in China, such as, strategic planning, negotiations, overcoming the cultural gap, business development and marketing to Chinese consumers. However most critically to first overcome the cultural gap! With population over 1.3 billion, doing business in China is not for the faint hearted. I’m both bi-lingual and bi-cultural, so I know how to short-circuit processes and produce results that increase efficiency by between 70% and 50%. If you’re thinking of doing any business in China I’m your go-to specialist. I’m commercially aware with an excellent track record of business development in China, with consideration of complex international law, trade and political trends. I’ve consulted to Australian businesses doing business in China and Chinese businesses in Australia across a number of industries including commerce, professional services, financial services, manufacturing, food and agriculture, education, property development, aged care, and mining. I’m often a guest speaker, as well as a widely published author on international trade and investments with a strong focus on China. I’ve written for over 80 publications and authored 4 books: • ‘Shanghaied: Why Foster’s Could Not Survive China’ • 'Doing Business Successfully in China' • ‘Doing business with China: getting ready for the Asia century’ • ‘Dancing with the Dragon: doing business with China’ I’m on the board of the Victoria branch of the Australia China Business Council, the School Council of Victoria School of Languages and the boards of private companies.


Courtney Sims

$1.00 / min
(Hourly rate $60)

A passionate brand strategist, consumer marketer and product development innovator with over 13+ years experience. I have worked across a stable of both international and local prestige, professional and FMCG brands. Driven by a consumer centric approach balanced with commercial mindset, I have proven capability in leading and executing integrated go-to market plans to ensure a brand’s health and longevity in a dynamic market.

Pawan lawani

Pawan Lalwani

$4.17 / min
(Hourly rate $250)

Pawan Lalwani is the Founder and CEO of Language Your Way(LYW), a platform that makes English language learning fun for students in China via gamification of content, game based learning, online tutoring and study tours to Australia. Despite not being able to speak Chinese nor having any per-existing connections in China, Pawan's exceptional grit got the start-up where it is today. Pawan built a team and navigated his way from the ground up in the Chinese market by connecting with several schools, distributors and government officials in South Western China. One of LYW's distributors include the Top 25 e-learning company in China. Pawan's understanding of gamification (using game-design elements and principles in non-game contexts) and understanding of the Chinese market enabled him establish him to raise investment from a some private investors. Highlights * Invited to join the first cohort of the Landing Pad program in Shanghai supported by Australian Trade and Investment Commission. * Featured on TechNode (TechCrunch China), Beijing Business Today, Startup Daily etc * Winner at number of local and international competitions most recent being the Nanjing OCP (Australia & New Zealand division). * Presented at a number of local and international events such as EdTechAsia Summit (Bangkok), GIE (Beijing), RMIT, Monash university etc Feel free to reach out if - * You want to use Gamification as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service. * Interested to enter the Chinese market with your product/service.