Jane Hoban

$2.00 / min
(Hourly rate $120)

Currently Global Marketing Director at T2 Tea, a global luxury retailer offering the widest collection of innovative teas and teawares from around the world. I am responsible for harnessing and cultivating T2’s brand essence and turning it into an incredible end-to-end customer experience across all touch points. I spend my days unearthing new opportunities for T2 to share its unique brand experience with tea lovers around the globe. Before T2, I was Global Vice President of the Drug Channel at Unilever, a €3 billion business. As a senior international business leader with over 20 years’ experience, I have driven the marketing endeavors of some of the world’s biggest, most successful blue-chip companies including Unilever, the Coca-Cola Company and L’Oréal. Over the years, I have spent time immersed in roles spanning retail, sales and marketing with local, regional and global remits. I will be donating 100% of my earnings to Fitted for Work, to help women who are experiencing adversity, get and keep work. Unable to consult on categories sold by Unilever. Available for up to 8 hours a month.

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Kim Barnard

$2.92 / min
(Hourly rate $175)

I'm an experienced content strategist, editor, manager, and media professional who cut my teeth in the digital publishing world, heading up the content team for leading digital lifestyle publisher, The Urban List. I joined The Urban List in 2012, when it was just starting out and had 4 full-time employees and created the content strategy that helped to grow our audience from zero to 1 million users per month, in 2 years. When I left in late 2017, the business had grown to over 40 staff, in 7 cities, and an audience of over 2.6 million. I was also recently brought on to set up the business and editorial processes for The Barefoot Investor - another example of a small business truly dominating in its field. I now run my own business, providing these services to Australian businesses that need support with their content and communication. As a result of this excellent training ground, I can provide advice in content strategy and creation, internal and external business communications, people and culture management and recruitment, and content marketing.

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Naomi Robson

$10.00 / min
(Hourly rate $600)

After 20 years as a journalist/TV presenter, since 2008 I’ve been helping executives improve their presentations and handle the media. I became well known to the Australian public as a news reporter on Seven News from 1991, and for my ten years as the host of Today Tonight - a public affairs program on the Seven Network which moved up the rankings to become the Number 1 program in its time slot during my tenure as anchor – from early 1997 to the end of 2006. Since 2008, I’ve been the Director at Managing Your Message -which provides customised Media Training, Presentation Skills and Sales training, Media Crisis Management and Media Consultation to a wide variety of companies. I am passionate about assisting companies, Senior Executives, Sales and Marketing teams and anyone who needs to speak to the media or give a conference presentation, to communicate effectively with genuine, credible influence and impact. MYM runs customised workshops covering all the elements of Presenting - Content and Construction of key messages (in line with the company’s brand strategy), Story-telling, Delivery, Engagement, Body Language, Voice, Controlling Nerves and Mindset. I can assist you in refining a pitch or upcoming presentation, and of course I can help you develop the key messages you’ll need to create to maximize the opportunity of engaging with the media. I have trained numerous CEOs, the executive team at Myer and ANZ Private's Relationship Managers, I provide presentation skills workshops for NAB’S Board Ready Program, and have worked with PwC, CVA Property Consultants, BIC, The Heat Group and a host of other clients in varying industries, from legal firms, financial advisors, sporting entities, trucking companies, and media organisations to name just a few. In addition, I ran the Media Training and Presentation Skills courses for the prestigious Monash University Executive MBA Program for four years to 2016.


Michelle Tucker

$2.92 / min
(Hourly rate $175)

Marketing is more than my profession. I live and breath how to build brands that drive into the heart of the user and execute across digital channels. I have 16 years marketing experience with the past 10 heading up digital and digital marketing functions. I've built eCommerce and brochure sites along with comprehensive acquisition and retention strategies using digital (including SEO, SEM strategy, social and email) along with traditional marketing levers. I build strategy and understand how to execute and I specialise in building marketing programs that solve business problems. I've worked across multiple sectors including services, health, publishing, online marketplaces and FMCG. With a background in journalism and an MBA in marketing, I am both experienced and qualified to answer most marketing related questions and provide guidance on not only what to do, but how to continually solve with marketing.


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$1.00 / min
(Hourly rate $60)

I've run a number of business initiatives gravitating around new media and film including the launch of Australia's biggest action sports film festival Yew.tv. In early 2015 I joined Australia's biggest crowdfunding platform Pozible as their dedicated project advisor, offering advice & creating content for crowdfunding campaigners. During this time Pozible saw it's highest ever monthly success rate at 64%

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Karen Hollenbach

$6.67 / min
(Hourly rate $400)

As one of Australia's leading LinkedIn specialists I help individuals and organisations unlock LinkedIn, the largest professional network in the world. By understanding how to leverage the key features of LinkedIn, I will show you how it can be a powerful touch point. My specialty is B2B sales and marketing strategy. If you have questions about your LinkedIn strategy, including your LinkedIn profile, personal and organisational branding on LinkedIn, publishing on LinkedIn, company page content marketing, sponsored updates and respectful lead generation, I can help.

Sharyn honey lowe

Sharyn Lowe

$4.17 / min
(Hourly rate $250)

I founded Flaunt Marketing in 1998 after being PR Manager at Coles Supermarkets. I am a PR, marketing and digital specialist with over 25 years consulting to some of Australia’s best known companies. My specialist expertise is communicating to the world’s largest and fastest growing consumer segments - the 50-75 year old demographic. If you don't have a strategy to attract and retain this group (who hold 50% of all consumer expenditure in almost every category), perhaps it's time to speak with me.


Emily Spicer-Stuart

$2.50 / min
(Hourly rate $150)

With 15 years working with some of the world’s biggest brands in marketing (Lancôme, Kraft, SaraLee and Mattel), it's safe to say I truly love all-things marketing. In my corporate career, I proudly helped multi-million dollar companies become #1 in their categories, now as a Business Marketing Coach I bring my big business experience to the small business up and comers. My passionate and light hearted approach set me apart, let's have fun building your biz! I'll ensure our partnership is built on dedication, enjoyment and professionalism, and ill empower you with the skills to build your small business into an empire. I use my expertise to help product based businesses break down your big dreams into manageable daily actions that create measurable results. Id love to help with your Strategic Growth Plan, Goal Setting, Marketing Activation, Ranging in the big retailers, Mapping your sales funnel, pricing strategy - let's chat to uncover exactly what you need to grow!

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Emmanuella Grace

$5.00 / min
(Hourly rate $300)

About you: Utilising the skills employed by professional performers, the coaching we do together will empower you to give strong, engaging and dynamic performances to make a greater impact in your field and increase your influence. We will work with research-based and proven strategies deliver profound and lasting changes to improve presentation techniques and increase confidence for performances, whether in front of cameras, in the boardroom or in social interactions. About me: I have been engaged as a performance expert and vocal coach to high profile individuals, educators, therapists, entrepreneurs and C-Suite leaders and their teams from a range of industries including financial institutions, government organizations, tech companies and the arts. My clients have been featured in media and stages worldwide from TED Talks and WiBF (Women in Business and Finance) to the Vatican. Qualifications: • Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology (University of New England) • Masters in Music Performance Teaching (University of Melbourne) • Honors Bachelor of Music (Kingston University, London) • Undergraduate studies in Jazz and Music Theatre (Griffith University) Training in vocal health and physiology: • Advanced training in Alexander Technique • Estill Voice Training Level I, II and Advanced Certificate • Previously Board Member of ASPAH (Australian Society of Performing Arts Healthcare)