Ryan bonnici

Ryan Bonnici

$16.67 / min
(Hourly rate $1,000)

Expert in social media, email marketing, content marketing and SEO, I’m passionate about helping businesses of all sizes grow and achieve a return on their marketing investment. Currently the Senior Director of Global Marketing at HubSpot, previously Head of Marketing (APAC) at Salesforce.com. At HubSpot, my team created the most successful global lead generation campaign ever, which generated more than 100,000 organic leads (in under 6 months, for less than $6000). I’m a regular speaker at marketing summits and a contributor to BRW, Boss, Entrepreneur.com and MarketingMag. I have extensive experience across B2B and B2C marketing and sales and would love to give you digital marketing advice to help grow your business and answer any specific content marketing, email marketing, SEO and social media questions you might have.


Graham Porter

$1.00 / min
(Hourly rate $60)

I am a marketing mentor and marketing technologist - blending people and leading-edge digital marketing technology. A career of over 28 years has led me to a point of pragmatic optimism - technology is now readily priced for every business to automate their marketing channels to provide the scale they need, What used to be within reach of only major corporates' budgets is now available to businesses of all size. And you don't need to be a brain surgeon to operate it. I am dedicated to a continuous improvement cycle, and I look for all possible marketing levers to experiment with until data proves that we are succeeding.

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Branka Injac Misic

$4.17 / min
(Hourly rate $250)

I currently look after CX and community at GigSuper. In previous roles I was in charge of developing and optimising business communications with evidence-based marketing across multiple platforms, by combining psychology and online behaviour with persuasive copywriting methods and kickass UX. I did this for some serious players in FinTech, digital search, real estate, and SaaS, and eCommerce. Here are some of the things they trusted me with: • Building brand language style guides (that inform ALL business comms). • Uncovering compelling value propositions and identifying buyer personas. • Developing and executing integrated marketing strategies. • Crafting conversion optimised website and app copy (sales pages, onboarding flows, microcopy, etc.). • Creating comprehensive autoresponder flows (aka 'drip campaigns', 'lead nurturing', etc.). • Composing email marketing campaigns that get the $$$ rolling in. • Developing social media comms/content strategies that grow communities (and profits). Outside of my commitments to growing other people's companies, I've also spent time building my own business - www.onetinytribe.com - and chatting to rooms full of people about all things comms, email, social media, UX, CX, and startups.


Emily Spicer-Stuart

$2.50 / min
(Hourly rate $150)

With 15 years working with some of the world’s biggest brands in marketing (Lancôme, Kraft, SaraLee and Mattel), it's safe to say I truly love all-things marketing. In my corporate career, I proudly helped multi-million dollar companies become #1 in their categories, now as a Business Marketing Coach I bring my big business experience to the small business up and comers. My passionate and light hearted approach set me apart, let's have fun building your biz! I'll ensure our partnership is built on dedication, enjoyment and professionalism, and ill empower you with the skills to build your small business into an empire. I use my expertise to help product based businesses break down your big dreams into manageable daily actions that create measurable results. Id love to help with your Strategic Growth Plan, Goal Setting, Marketing Activation, Ranging in the big retailers, Mapping your sales funnel, pricing strategy - let's chat to uncover exactly what you need to grow!