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There's no doubt, running a business is hard work and there's usually a lot of guess work involved. Our growing community of Australia’s top experts are available for over the phone advice on how to move your business forward..

Whether it's help with SEO, sales, scaling or even just a second opinion, chatting to someone who has been there before is an easy way to get some direction.

Find a top expert

Select a top expert

Browse our list of top experts and select one that suits your needs. Experts set their own call rates and their profile includes information about their expertise.

Request a call

Request a call

Place a call request with an expert by suggesting three times and dates to chat, estimated call length and by providing information about what you’d like to discuss. The expert will either accept one of your suggested times/dates, suggest alternatives or they may decline the call if they don’t think they can help.

Get top advice

Get top advice

When the expert accepts the call request you will be pre-charged for your estimated call duration. Both you and the expert will receive a phone number to call and connect to each other. At the completion of the call, the final payment will be calculated and you’ll either be charged extra or refunded depending on the actual minute duration of the call. You’ll also be asked to leave the expert a rating and review.

Getting the most from Top Expert

To ensure everyone using Top Expert has an informative and enjoyable experience, please be considerate, respectful and honest with how you communicate.

Be clear on expectations

Read the experts’ profile carefully and be clear in your call request exactly what you need information or advice about.

Be on time and prepared

It goes without saying that no one’s time is less valuable than yours. So, dial into the call a couple of minutes before it’s due to start. Re-read the call request and have questions prepared.

Straight up, honest advice

Our experts provide advice to help you make more informed decisions. Sometimes there’s no right or wrong answer, there’s only personal opinion, so keep an open mind when chatting to each other. If you are seriously not happy with what you’re hearing, just wrap up and finish the call.

Before joining Top Expert, please read our Marketplace Rules and Terms & conditions .
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