Alborz Fallah

CarAdvice founder - $35M Exit, Serial entrepreneur

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I’m a serial entrepreneur. I started 16 businesses before founding, which I recently sold for $35M to Nine Entertainment.

I initially started CarAdvice as a blog and in ten years grew it into a nationwide car advice, review and news site, employing 40 people and turning over $15M a year.

We’ve built CarAdvice through creating genius content that people want to watch and share, owning SEO and selling targeted advertising on the site.

I’m interested in providing advice to businesses and startups, but be warned – I’m very honest, and won’t hold back from telling you my honest opinion.


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Belinda Watson

30 May 2017

One hour with Alborz was a masterclass in entrepreneurship. Alborz speaks from experience - with over 17 businesses under his belt and a hugely successful exit, he knows how to fail fast, validate and commercialise an idea.