Ben Gunsberger

Entrepreneur, COO and Advisor


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Ben has 25 years of experience in the technology space and is passionate about delivering technology-based solutions to problems.

He has extensive expertise in evaluating and building technology stacks, first in the film industry and then in his own company which he grew to a successful exit in 2017.

He has also designed and managed technology across a range of projects including Hollywood blockbusters like Happy Feet and The Matrix.

With a Computer Science background, Ben provides insights into the risks and opportunities surrounding workflows and the software they rely upon. As an entrepreneur, he is uniquely positioned to evaluate not just the technology itself, but its business impact as well.

Key areas of expertise include:

* Evaluating and building technology-based solutions
* Product management
* Business and customer analytics
* Data-driven decision making
* Growth hacking
* Maximising personal & team effectiveness


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