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Hardtofind was born out of the belief that customers want products that are more thoughtful, special and personal and that, through technology, we could connect thousands of small creative businesses with customers around the world.

Hardtofind is now one of Australia’s leading, award-winning curated marketplaces. We employ 26 people, with offices in Sydney and Manila. We’ve bootstrapped our growth to this point and have no outside investment. We’re passionate about supporting small creative businesses and providing them with a platform that allows them – and their products – to reach a far bigger audience than they otherwise might on their own. Hardtofind connects more than 2,500 independent designers and artisans from around the world with a rapidly growing customer base eager for a genuinely different shopping experience.

I have close to 10 years’ experience in building a successful, sustainable, profitable e-commerce business from the ground up. I’ll be straightforward and open with my advice and I won’t waste your time if I don't think I can help you.

I can offer advice on:
• Business strategy
• Digital marketing
• Branding
• Outsourcing
• Product development as a non-tech founder
• Entrepreneurship
• Co-founding – pros and cons
• Shareholder agreements
• Bootstrapping
• Building a powerhouse team
• Managing cash flow
• Planning and forecasting
• Setting up an advisory board
• AI


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