Kim Barnard

Experienced Business Communications Consultant


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I'm an experienced content strategist, editor, manager, and media professional who cut my teeth in the digital publishing world, heading up the content team for leading digital lifestyle publisher, The Urban List.

I joined The Urban List in 2012, when it was just starting out and had 4 full-time employees and created the content strategy that helped to grow our audience from zero to 1 million users per month, in 2 years. When I left in late 2017, the business had grown to over 40 staff, in 7 cities, and an audience of over 2.6 million.

I was also recently brought on to set up the business and editorial processes for The Barefoot Investor - another example of a small business truly dominating in its field.

I now run my own business, providing these services to Australian businesses that need support with their content and communication.

As a result of this excellent training ground, I can provide advice in content strategy and creation, internal and external business communications, people and culture management and recruitment, and content marketing.


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