Mia Klitsas

'Moxie' founder with brand, product and marketing expertise


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We sell a packet of Moxie product every thirty seconds. Curious yet?

With the crazy idea to put tampons in recyclable tins so that they would stop rolling around in my handbag, my business partner and I took on a stagnant, mature FMCG category dominated by large multi-nationals, and launched a true makret disruptor.

For the last 12 years, I’ve seen our Moxie brand of women’s personal care through every step of its life cycle, from conceptualisation right through to commercialisation and have sunk my teeth into anything from packaging and product design, to ad campaign development to customer relationship management with some of the world’s biggest retailers. I understand every element of what it takes to not only bring a brand to life, but to insulate it from tough competition and secure it for future business growth and success.

Moxie products have sold millions upon millions of products in various markets around the world; I’ve made a heap of bad decisions and mistakes, but just as many good ones, too. I’ve done it for myself and I can help you do it, too (the good stuff, that is!).

Contact me if you’re keen to learn more about:
- How to get started (How do you know if it’s a good idea or not? Where do you get help?)
- What it takes to build a brand from scratch
- How to launch your product into major retail or online
- Brand strategy
- Marketing strategy (I’m a Marketer by trade!)
- Entrepreneurship
- New product development
- Exporting, operations and logistics
- Corporate Social Responsibility
- Leadership
- Life/work balance

Some other cool stuff I’ve done/do that might be of help...
- Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year 2014, VIC
- Westpac/AFR ‘100 Women of Influence’ 2014
- Entrepreneur’s Organisation Board member 2015 – present
- Co-founder and champion of the ‘Pads for Pads’ initiative
- RMIT Student Mentor
- Regular public speaker


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