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Dear fellow Entrepreneurs,

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I have been running my own companies since 1996.

My brother, sister and brother-in-law joined me in 1998. Although ownership is mostly family-owned we run the company like any corporation and have a stellar executive who hold key posts in the business. The leadership of the family, management and responsibilities ultimately rest with me but it is most definitely a collaborative approach that is extremely effective and successful.

Booktopia was started on 4th February 2004 (the same day as Facebook - we didn't know that until we celebrated our 10th birthday together). It began as a side project with a budget of $10 per day while my family and I were doing internet marketing. It took 3 days to sell the first book. One book was the total sales for the day. By the end of the first year we were doing $100K per month.

Before starting Booktopia in 2004 we owned a recruitment agency, a chat software business, and an internet marketing consultancy. I started my career as a computer programmer and then a computer salesman.

Today, Booktopia employs 150 people and sells one item every 7.8 seconds. We ship 18,000 books per day or around 4 million books per year. We operate from a 13,000 sqm Headquarters and Distribution Centre in Homebush, Sydney stocking 130,000 titles across 700,000 units that are ready-to-ship. Revenues for 2017 are $100+ million up from $80m in 2016 and $50m in 2015.

We have had no external investment. All of our success has been organic growth. We simply sold more books and used that money to hire more people, write more software, invest in automation, move to bigger premises and hold more stock. It would have to be one of the biggest bootstrapped online store success stories in Australia as many of our peers have received significant funding to grow.

Booktopia has won many business awards including the Telstra Business Awards for NSW Medium Sized Businesses in 2014, Book Retailer of the Year in 2016 and 2017, Power Retail's Top 100 websites, Deloitte's Technology Fast 50, the Top 20 for Smart Company's list of top Australian online retailers and ranked in the BRW Fast 100 companies for the 7 years, the only to ever accomplish this feat.

My strengths are in sales, marketing, running family companies, bootstrapped businesses, creating value in a business, product logistics and distribution, as well as e-commerce, leadership, and business management.

Personal Guarantee:

It is true, I can access decades of business experience and that will most likely be helpful when we talk, but more importantly when I meet people I have access to an unending fountain of ideas and within a few minutes can come up with strategies, concepts, or initiatives that will focus, motivate and inspire you. Therefore I have every confidence that you (and as many members of your team) and I, can have a super brainstorming session and the time we spend together will be extremely profitable. To give you a sense of comfort around the investment you will make with me I can offer a "No Questions Asked" money back guarantee on my service. Remember... be prepared to write everything down and preferably record our session so you can review it later!

Looking forward to hearing what you are about to accomplish.

All the best,



Reviews (2)

Paul Greenberg

08 Jun 2017

There are many great entrepreneurs out there, but Tony Nash stands out as a very special one. We know under his watch that he grew Booktopia to be one of the leading eCommerce brands in Australia. That journey continues, and there are lots of learnings indeed. But Tony brings a rare and insightful understanding of what makes people tick, especially leadership in the ecommerce space. His interest is truly not just in business, but in people.

Belinda Watson

08 Jun 2017

Tony is worth every cent. He’s built Booktopia from the ground up and so he provides a useful combination of specialised SEO, sales, lean start-up, website optimisation, and PR expertise, with big picture, business strategy thinking. His advice to us was very constructive and in just 30 mins he quickly understood our business, reviewed our website and listed off a ton of practical tips for how to improve it and the client experience. The results were immediate.